Suvira McDonald: GIFTED Interview Series

How did you get to where you are today?

After I defected from corporate business as a young adult, I realised I was/am a creative, so I practice and I have studied, quite a lot. I studied dance and performance for years, then ceramics and sculpture. Now I teach and learn quite a bit from my students and…from my own mistakes.

What separates your work from the work of other ceramic artists?

I think most of us ceramics people distinguish ourselves through the surface treatment of our own unique forms. I am no exception. Things truly made by hand inherently bear the makers’ marks.

Have you given someone your own work as a gift?

I am a gift shop unto myself and give according to the occasion. Friends and family  birthdays, weddings and donations to good causes. It’s always different.

If you have made someone a gift in the past, tell me why you chose to create something for that person.

I only occasionally create something for someone in advance rather, I select from my vast horde of finished work, something suitable.

Why are you looking forward to Christmas this year? 

I am looking forward to Christmas for the break and beach and swimming. It’s a welcome intervention to my driven-ness and over-committed life.

Tell me about a great gift you have received. Why was it memorable? 

A little girl gave me a flower last Sunday, it was cute beyond words and straight from her heart.

Why are you excited to be having your work displayed as a part of GIFTED?

Makers Gallery is an exclusively ceramics gallery and a beautifully fitted one at that. It is also the creation of Stephanie and I very much like her exuberant and educated handling of our medium. I feel like I am in good hands and in good company.

What’s the next step in your career? Do you have a clear goal in mind? A dream project?

There is a quiet rumbling in the depths. I think I can feel an installation coming on. It will contain large wood fired elements. It is still deep at this point and vague.

LAST CHANCE see Suvira’s works in GIFTED  final day tomorrow, Makers Gallery.

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