Isaac Patmore

The Objects made are like new born children waiting for their life to grace an identity. The knocks and blows  early on in life, exposure to the elements,  the scars of kiln, the layers that build naturally on functional objects through their daily use. From viewing Patmore’s work you get a sense of history of the object.

The ceramic forms made, relate easily to the human form.  This anthropomorphic quality of ceramics cannot be denied; there is a direct relationship between objects and people. Exploring this connection is what provides this artist with inspiration.

Patmore’s practice is not bound by the restraints of functionality and  is an antithesis to our advancing technologies. These technologies hold no beauty for this woodfire artist.  Instead relying on natural elements to finish the works. “I believe in the fundamental uncontrollability of nature.”  Exploring this in search for “interestingness”. Like the yin and yang of eastern culture for something to be strong it must be balanced, This duality must also be present in artworks to give them strength.

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