Robert Linigen

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Web Quality Robert Linigen Burrned House

Our Home at Yellow Rock was one of nearly 200 homes destroyed in the 2013 Blue Mountains bushfires.

I carefully managed the demolition of the remains, originally hoping to salvage and re-use some of the stone in a new home. There wasn't really much left suitable for building, but eventually I realised there were materials that could be used to make glaze for a few pots.

The glaze on this cup is made from milled window glass, milled sandstone from the walls of the house, ash from the roofing and furniture timber and copper collected from the electrical wiring. These were combined with convential ceramic materials like feldspar and kaolin, and fired to 1300° C in a gas fired kiln.

These cups are made on the potters wheel, with the clay textured, stretched and distorted to represent the unpredictable forces that can shape life. Like a home, the cups are made to contain, to be used, to be enjoyed.

We eventually made the family decision not to rebuild. We have sold our land and have bought another home in Leura where I'm re-establishing a pottery workshop.

Robert Linigen