Avi Amesbury - Interim Conversations

Memories felt and experienced. Connections to place.
These are the driving forces behind the work. 

The process of collecting is a strong human impulse.
A way of capturing or holding the essence of a place or landscape that impacts our lives.

Over the years, Avi Amesbury has collected clays, sand, wood-ash, volcanic rock ash, pumice and seaweed from specific sites that generate history, stories, and religious and spiritual narratives. She incorporates these materials into her porcelain structures in order to capture the colours, beauty and essence of country and ancient lands.

The rich surfaces of her work are accentuated by using fine white porcelain as a carrier of motifs, coloured clays, sand and ash gathered from significant places. Using porcelain in this way, not only connects the work to place, but to the history of porcelain and its capacity to incorporate materiality and meaning.

— Avi Amesbury