Focus: Hyeyoun Shin

Narrow Wall

People like me, we’re born to be create something.
When I have a pen and paper, I draw. When I have a needle and fabric, I sew.
When I have a clay, I make. It’s that simple.
After I moved to Australia about 10years ago, my husband and I had nothing. we moved a lot for living. Every time I move to new house, I needed to make that place comfortable. but I didn’t want to have a lot of stuff in my life so I put dried plants near my bed and hang small pictures on the wall. I think that was the start my obsession with wall.
I like tiny wild flowers especially dried ones and dead sticks on the ground. And I’ve been obsessed with wall and small boxes for long.
I aim to make an object have a strong relationship. I wish my work can be functional object and still life or paintings for your place.
I want people to find many potentials from my work as much as I do.

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