Joanne Braddy

My artworks can be described as ‘Expressionist’ portrait paintings, sculptural , framed drawing including expressive words. The symbolistic theme of my artwork is about identifying the strength of the human mind, investigating a range of emotions.

Braddy’s exhibition exemplifies the best of local talent. An emerging artist, showcased across the greater South East Corner region, Braddy’s expressionist style has earned her numerous awards. More than just beautifully dark and confronting imagery Braddy’s works are also deeply personal story pieces, each one telling a story featuring in the artist’s long battle in living with mental illness. The exhibition will highlight Braddy’s exciting talent while also voicing a powerful message of self-awareness, self-discovery, passion & perseverance, struggle and , bravery.

Braddy’s approach to her art and the way the works are supposed to be experienced rather than merely seen is designed to break down the stigmas around mental illness, from both a societal point of view and also from an individual’s perspective.

Art lovers have had the opportunity to admire Braddy’s work in numerous group exhibitions across Australia in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, as well as successful solo shows in Brisbane and Melbourne. Braddy was last year’s recipient of the Brisbane Festival, Art Highly Commended Award, 2017 and the Moreton Bay Regional Council’s Merit Award for their regional art prize in 2017. More recently, the 2018 Moreton Bay Region Council Art Brian Burke 25th Anniversary Award.

Her paintings can be impacting, moving, and healing,  and speak to the viewer of her inner struggles. Her work is always authentic.

 ” My paintings are an expression of my inner world. Through my art I’ve found the courage to break the silence.”

Peter Thompson

For forty years, Peter Thompson has laboured long and hard in the tireless pursuit of art, no matter the cost.

Peter has studied in China and elsewhere, plus he helped make India’s first Anagama kiln. After many years of dedicated experimentation, Peter has achieved international standing. Overseas students travel to Kuranda to work alongside him, and collectors in the know hunt him down in his hidden studio to pounce on his pots. 

But most of all, Peter’s very own being has been shaped and given lustre in the knowledge — indeed, the hallowed bliss — he is truly living a life well-lived.

Text Courtesy of the ABC