Joanne Braddy - A 10 Year Retrospective

“My artworks can be described as ‘Expressionist’ portrait paintings, sculptural, framed drawing including expressive words. The symbolistic theme of my artwork is about identifying the strength of the human mind, investigating a range of emotions. Through my art work I wish to display a range of emotional imagery in which the viewers can connect to and feel visually inspired.

The human face is my focus as I draw the viewer’s attention to the emotion in the eyes. My paintings can be impacting, moving, healing and speak to the viewer on their inner struggles and strengths. My artwork is always authentic, exhibiting strong and powerful images that draw a visual impact of the human emotion. Through my artwork it is my aim to gain more awareness for the struggles and strengths of people dealing with depression.”

Her stories are told through her artwork, and have taken new exciting paths into sculptural art forms, bringing to life her paintings through new clay and sculptural practices.

“I decided to push myself to paint what I felt. It was so hard to put these feelings on the canvas as with every stroke of the paint brush I was going through my emotions inside. But each new painting was a new journey I had to take.”